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Referee(s) who show the signal in special situations FS OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES 2015-2016 69 PART 2 - SECTION 3: DIAGRAMS DIAGRAM 11: REFEREES’ OFFICIAL HAND SIGNALS 1 AUTHORISATION TO SERVE Relevant Rules: 12.3, Move the hand to indicate direction of service 2 TEAM TO SERVE Relevant Rules:,,

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So one very common hand signal that isn’t displayed on the chart but is regularly used is the set point hand gesture. When a team is on set point an official will clench a fist on the side of the team who has set point and hold it directly up in the air. This indicates to all players, officials and spectators that a team has set point.

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Line Fault (Hand Signals Volleyball) When the ball passes completely beneath the net between the two net posts, you signal by extending your arm and pointing with the index finger to the middle of the line. Use the arm on the side of the team that committed the fault and the signal should be stationary. There is no sweeping motion of the arm hand or finger.

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Brush with the palm of one hand the fingers of the other; held vertically; USAV: Brush fingers of opposite hand once over palm of vertical hand. Cover the wrist with a yellow card (warning) and with a red card (penalty). Lines: Point down with flag. Lines: Raise flag vertically. Lines: Raise flag and touch the top with the palm of the free hand.

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Diagram 11: Official Hand Signals (Indoor) 1. All signals which are made with one hand shall be made with the hand on the side of the team that commits the fault or makes the request. 2. After the signal is made, the referee gestures to the player who has committed the fault or the team that has made the request.


Page 63 2019-20 NFHS Volleyball Rules LINE JUDGE SIGNALS USING HAND SIGNALS 1.ing First Referee's Attention: Obtain Wave arm overhead to obtain the first referee's attention, when necessary. (1) 2. Inbounds: Arms extended in front of body, hands open (palms down) toward the floor area between the attack line and the net. (2) 3.

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o Signal: Flat rotating hand moving rapidly + + + • Front Slide – Quick set 3-4 ft in front of setter. Just like a “31” just a little closer to setter. o Signal: Pinky and thumb extended (hang loose signal) • Back A – Quick set right behind setter to RS or MB o Signal: Pinky finger pointed down

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The hand signals are given by the referee who first signals the fault and then indicates which team has won the point. A point is indicated by one finger at the side of the court to indicate the winner of the rally. Ball in bounds is meant to show the point of the court where the ball landed and is indicated by pointing one arm and hand toward the floor.